"Founded from the idea that creating beautiful spaces does not have to be difficult or expensive"

We are a small Family owned business operating in Southern California. We like to make things with our hands, and with the occasional tool. We have a knack for building things out of wood.

We believe our surroundings play a big role in our mood, our emotions and our motivations. Like an echo from an empty room, or the energy draining effect a fluorescent bulb emits, there's a feedback loop in every space we inhabit and unfortunately we're the center of that energy exchange.

Instead of tolerating our spaces, we #slattys set our sights on improving them by providing a simple and easy to install slatted wall panel made of natural and sustainable wood that not only improves the overall aesthetic of the space, but more importantly reduces echo and reverb. We can get nerdy on the details, but you can read more about the benefits of our wall panels here.

Join the #Slattys community and embark on a journey to improve our indoor surroundings, one wall at a time.

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ChatGPT's rendition of my spiel. Enjoy.


"Deep within the recesses of our souls, an unruly beast of creativity lies in wait, eager to bust loose from its mundane prison. But lo and behold, the very ambiance that surrounds us possesses the power to influence our mood and motivation! So, let us band together and construct fantastical fortresses of inspiration, where we can summon the mischievous demons of creativity and unleash a tempest of ingenious absurdity upon the world!"

-- ChatGTP

We like building things.