Wood Slat Acoustic Panels in Commercial Spaces: A Case Study


Acoustics can play a significant role in customer experience, yet this aspect is often overlooked in commercial spaces like restaurants, retail stores, or offices. This case study examines how the installation of wood slat acoustic panels impacted a trendy downtown coffee shop, with a focus on customer satisfaction, aesthetics, and overall functionality.

The Challenge

Noise Level

Before the installation, the coffee shop was plagued by high noise levels during peak hours. Conversations were a struggle, and the constant clatter of espresso machines didn't help.

Aesthetic Coherence

The owners wanted an acoustic solution that would not only be effective but also harmonize with the shop's modern rustic design.

The Solution: Wood Slat Acoustic Panels

Material Selection

After consulting with acoustic experts, the owners decided on wood slat acoustic panels made of reclaimed oak, which fit well with the shop's decor.

Strategic Placement

The panels were installed on the ceiling and one of the main walls, targeting areas that would maximize sound absorption.

Customer Experience: Before and After


Customer surveys indicated that around 40% of patrons found the noise level to be a problem, affecting their likelihood to return.


Post-installation, a follow-up survey showed a 30% decrease in customers complaining about noise. Notably, customer retention rates improved.

Aesthetic Improvements

Visual Harmony

The wood slat acoustic panels added a touch of elegance and cohesiveness to the overall design.

Instagrammable Moment

The stylish panels became a point of interest, featuring prominently in social media posts by patrons, which contributed to the shop’s online visibility.

Business Metrics

Increased Footfall

In the three months following the installation, the coffee shop saw a 15% increase in footfall, partially attributed to the improved atmosphere.

Return on Investment

Though the panels were an investment, the improvement in customer retention and increased footfall meant that the project paid for itself within six months.


The installation of wood slat acoustic panels significantly enhanced the aesthetic appeal and acoustic environment of the coffee shop, leading to improved customer satisfaction and business metrics. This case study highlights the importance of investing in acoustic solutions in commercial settings and shows that such investments can indeed offer tangible returns. As businesses look for ways to stand out and improve customer experience, paying attention to acoustics could be a game-changer.

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